Generally speaking, people become positive immediately after the face is finished, so I copied out the new ink screen reader Wen Shi BOOX Note 2 and wrote down the product experience that had been dragging on for as long as \"reading \".


The front of the BOOX Note 2 is an inch of ink screen, about the size of the A5 paper, with a fuselage thickness and a weight of only 378g, and it doesn't put much pressure on a backpack and a handbag, although it doesn't fit into your windbreaker's pocket.


Another benefit of being light is that even an inch screen doesn't feel too hard to hold with one hand, and it doesn't feel like turning down.


It's worth noting that BOOX Note 2 uses the USB-C interface, which is a lot friendlier than other products that are still using the Micro USB (Kindle, or you), after all, one less thread is less trouble. And it also supports a fast-charging protocol that can be filled with 4300mAh batteries in two and a half hours.


This inch screen is equipped with a cold and warm two-color backlight, which means that you can find the screen brightness and color temperature that make your eyes more comfortable, whether in the sun or in the quilt.


In addition, this screen has a resolution of 1872x1404 and ppi of 227. In the actual sense of view, this screen is fine enough, even if close to look, the font will not have the sense of aliasing.


However, even the slowest \"normal mode\" refresh speed has reached the best of the mainstream ink screen, and the \"full blood\" picture quality will look much more comfortable, so it is recommended to use the default \"normal mode\" if you normally use it for reading.


BOOXBOTE2 comes with Android, in other words, you can download different third-party apps. Not only that, aragonite has optimized mainstream reading applications to varying degrees, so in the test, whether it's kindle reading, wechat reading, starting point reading, or quick reading comics for reading comics have a good experience.


The screen also supports 4096-level pressure-sensitive handwriting, with a random stylus from Wacom technology. When reading, pick up the pen directly can be marked, quite convenient.


Although the application is equipped with single-line, english, field and even staff page templates, but limited by the degree of the pen, the degree of fine brushwork and screen refresh speed, you do not want to take detailed notes on it.


In more than ten years of development, the once popular e-books did not change our reading habits as we thought, let everyone like to read, but became the most easy to idle electronic equipment,\" bubble noodles \"stem is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


Because it's essentially an Android device, you can install a lot of third-party apps, and in the built-in app market, there's an official recommendation for downloads like WPS Office and Youdao Cloud Notes in office.


But when you do it, you'll find that it's okay to go to the emergency, to look at documents, forms, and even PPT (if you can accept non-color), but if you really want to write, input data, the screen refresh speed, or will kill you.


As long as Spacedesk is installed in the app store, the computer side also downloads the installation client from the official website, and then follows the instructions to be able to connect to the computer and act as an extended screen for the computer.


Although you can use point presses on the screen to operate the computer, we don't recommend using it because of the refresh rate. But that doesn't mean the function is meaningless.


Instead, you can use this feature to make your PC more convenient. Tired of reading documents on a computer, you can pick up the tablet directly and take it to the bed to continue to look at; you can also show it directly through this lighter screen when you need to show it to the customer without having to hold the whole computer.