Beijing News Express (Reporter Wang Jun) Recently, the Shanghai edition of the \"medicine god\" revision of the case caused widespread concern, the reporter from the client Guoqiao defense lawyer Tong Mingyou learned that Guoqiao today (January 4) expired release, restore freedom.


In July 2018, the movie \"I'm not the God of Medicine\" became popular. The film's main character, Cheng Yong, is known as the \"God of Medicine\" for illegally importing affordable specialty drugs from India.


Guoqiao is the legal representative of Shanghai Meihua Lilac Women's and Children's Clinic Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Meihua outpatient department), arrested for purchasing, selling and inoculating ten thousand vaccines imported without the approval of the state and tested according to law.


It is reported that between February 2014 and March 2017, China interrupted the import of 7-valent pneumonia vaccine for infants under 2 years of age for drug approval for up to three years.


Guoqiao and others found a supply channel for vaccine smuggling from singapore, first by the middleman sun yongping contact singapore related clinics, waiting for singapore to prepare the goods, hu pan-pan immediately received news from sun yongping, and then ordered jane and et al. to bring, transport vaccine into the country, and finally in the u.s. outpatient department to sell.


From July 2015 to November 2016, the U.S. outpatient department illegally purchased 11 imported vaccines for children from clinics in Singapore, with more than 10,000 doses,80 percent of them 13-valent pneumococcal vaccines, including rotavirus vaccine, varicella vaccine, quintuple vaccine and hexavalent vaccine, according to the court's original first-instance judgment.


The court ruled on the case for selling counterfeit medicines, with Guo being sentenced to seven years in prison, a fine of $2 million and a fine of $12 million for the U.S. outpatient department. Three other people involved in the vaccine sale, including Hu Panpan and Sun Yong-ping, were sentenced to imprisonment of up to 4-6 years and a fine for the same offence.



Tong Mingyou told reporters that the release of \"I am not the god of medicine\" made more people realize that the law stipulates that the unauthorized import of true medicine is punished as fake medicine, and the normal simple and reasonable cognition is too different. Changchun Changsheng vaccine case, so that the people to the fake vaccine unimpeded, the true vaccine according to the false drug conviction and sentence produced a comparison, comment.


Tong Mingyou said that the fact that the impact on the judgment was that the pneumococcal vaccine was found to be discontinued for three years during the second trial;The legal impact isModification.


On August 26,2019, the 12th session of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress voted to adopt the revised Drug Administration Law, which was officially implemented on December 1 of the same year. Under the new regulations, unapproved imports are no longer classified as counterfeit.


On november 27,2019, just four days before the revised drug administration law was officially implemented, the shanghai high court issued a second-instance ruling, quashing the original judgment in the guoqiao case and sending it back for retrial.


On December 28,2019, the Guoqiao case was re-examined and pronounced. Shanghai's third central court sentenced the U.S.-China clinic in the case of vaccine smuggling - legal representative Guo Qiao and the other three defendants were convicted of \"selling fake drugs\" and commuted to \"smuggling\" and their sentences were significantly reduced.


\"Before the Law on Drug Control came into force, the Shanghai Supreme Court sent back the retrial and the revision of the sentence by the Third Central Court. He said.


Earlier, Yuan Jie, director of the Administrative Law Office of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, stressed that taking out unapproved imported drugs from'fake drugs'does not mean reducing penalties. The import of drugs from abroad must be approved, which is a principle and a rule of law.


Since Guo Qiao's sentence has been reduced from seven years to two years after the sentence was changed, and since January 2018, Guo Qiao has been detained for two years since the judgment of January 2018, Guo Qiao has been released after the expiration of the term of Guo Qiao.